Blues and Greens Festival

A Mississippi Delta Experience

The Hank Burdine's Blues and Greens Festival is an annual event located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The festival was established support blues musicians by promoting the hospitality, food, history and the talents of all the people in the Mississippi Delta. 

BB&G is a family style festival with all local and authentic atmosphere.


The Shack Up Inn and Shacksdale Motel are located in an actual cottonfield outside of Clarksdale, MS. We’ve designed a travel trailer component to provide more lodging opportunities and enhance the festival experience. To preserve the land and the atmosphere for our visitors, we’ve created the following guidelines.

Arrival and Setup

Arrive as early as Thursday. Your spot will be designated based on the size of your trailer. After you've set up, your tow vehicle should be moved to our overnight parking lot. Be sure to bring blocking for your trailers front jack in case the ground is soft.


There is no power, no water, and no sewer at your campsite. This is a unique boondocking experience with great views and a great atmosphere that you are sure to enjoy.

The cottonfield has great exposure to the sun. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your solar panels and enjoy clean renewable power. Quiet generators will be allowed.

Water is available nearby to fill your tanks upon arrival. After setup, you will not have access to water. 

A sewer dump station is available when you leave.

Reservations and Extended Stays

Your confirmed reservation guarantees a site from Thursday to Sunday. If you’ve never been to the Delta before, chances are you’ll want to stick around. Extended stays are available for an additional $10 per day.

Available Sites

  • A1 - A6 - All trailers 25 feet or less

  • B7 - B12 - Small trailers 16 feet of less

  • C13 - C18 - Large trailers 25 feet and longer

  • C19 - C22 - Large trailers 25 feet and longer

  • D23 - D32 - All trailers sizes.

Blues & Greens Festival 2
Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2018

The Blues & Greens Festival was created by friends of Hank Burdine to encourage the storytellers, artists, food, and hospitality of the Mississippi Delta. All images and information used on this website is for the exclusive use of the festival and promotion of the sponsors associated with this event. 

“Let’s Get It On!”