Blues and Greens Festival

A Mississippi Delta Experience

The Hank Burdine's Blues and Greens Festival is an annual event located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The festival was established support blues musicians by promoting the hospitality, food, history and the talents of all the people in the Mississippi Delta. 

BB&G is a family style festival with all local and authentic atmosphere.

We Make a lot of History in Mississippi

Mississippi is the birthplace of the Blues ... Charlie Patton, Dockery Plantation
Mississippi is the birthplace of Rock n Roll ... Elvis Presley, Tupelo
Mississippi is the birthplace of country music ... Jimmy Rogers

In Mississippi, we just create legends, history, and great memories. The first annual Burdine Blues and Greens Festival and the artists attending this festival will be making history. So give your children and grandchildren something to talk about by attending this year

"Let's get it on!"


Blues & Greens Festival 2
Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2018

The Blues & Greens Festival was created by friends of Hank Burdine to encourage the storytellers, artists, food, and hospitality of the Mississippi Delta. All images and information used on this website is for the exclusive use of the festival and promotion of the sponsors associated with this event. 

“Let’s Get It On!”