Hank Burdine's Blues and Greens Festival

The Hank Burdine's Blues and Greens Festival is an annual event located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The festival was established support blues musicians by promoting the hospitality, food, history and the talents of all the people in the Mississippi Delta. 

BB&G is a family style festival with all local and authentic atmosphere.

We Dedicate this Festival ...

This years Blues and Greens Festival is dedicated our beloved Trader John Weatherby!  We honor John as the chief rambler for "Uncle Red's Rodeo of Rogues and Rednecks"!

That's right ... It is true that we took Susi, John's elephant, on squirrel hunting safaris in Delta National Forest. We have flown hot air balloons all over the Delta. And ... we have commandeered a 225-foot, four masted schooner in the Antilles in search of ITHAKA.

John successfully performed many more antics in search of a dang good time, and John was a musical fool! You always saw John with music booming out from somewhere.

Come hear the antics of our honoree John Weatherby, from Hank Burdine, the man who was there through it all.

Let's Get it On!


Hank Burdine's Delta Blues and Greens Festival is a public event. All images and information used on this website is for the exclusive use of the festival and promotion of the sponsors associated with this event. 

Get It On!